About the Project

The Van Dyke Station project is a proposed 115/13.2 kilovolt (kV) substation in the Town of Bethlehem, NY. The Bethlehem area is growing and increased demands are being placed on an aging electrical system. In fact, some of Bethlehem's substations are working beyond their intended capacity during peak summer times. The creation and expansion of Vista Tech Park, as an example, will place further demands on this at capacity system. The proposed project, which adds a new substation and retires the Juniper and Delmar substations, will benefit the growing area and support business expansion by upgrading to modern equipment better suited for current and future needs, as well as allow for rapid service restoration.

Substation Rendering

Features & Benefits

  • Improve electric service reliability by relieving load issues.
  • Bolster electric service to the growing Bethlehem-Delmar area.
  • Add the capacity necessary to provide electric service to the Vista Tech Park, increasing the area's economic opportunities.
  • Retire two aging and near capacity substations - Delmar (built in the 1950s) and Juniper (built in the 1980s).
  • Decrease the number and length of outages should they occur.

News & Events

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  • November 5, 2014 Bethlehem Zoning Board of Appeals Public Hearing
  • October 15, 2014 Bethlehem Zoning Board of Appeals Presentation

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